Chuck has been cutting his musical teeth since he took up drums in 4th grade. Throughout school he played in band, orchestra and jazz band. But Chuck threw away that school-sanctioned, sight-reading drumming when he laid eyes...and ears...on KISS' "Destroyer."

His "garage" band days had him playing all the important clubs and bars in the Flats, Lakewood, Akron, (Agora!), Mayfield, Kent, Geneva, Sandusky and all areas inbetween.

Realizing that nobody really wanted to hear a drummer play all on their own, Chuck taught himself guitar by plucking and strumming during the down moments of a dreary retail day job. Chuck's cover songs were enjoyed by many a campfire and college dorm back in the day.

Present day, Chuck has worked his repertoire to include many great singer-songwriters and bands who's work has stood the test of time and delivers authentic popular music in a professional manner emphasizing substance over style.

Chuck resides in the Greater Cleveland area with his wife, two kids and dog, name of Chewie.